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Pastor's Assistant

TITLE: Pastor’s Assistant

HOURS: Monday – Thursday, 9:00 – 3:00 (1 hour lunch)


Primary function will be to provide the Pastoral Staff with administrative assistance, therefore allowing them to focus on other areas of ministry.

Exhibit a spirit of cooperation with all Pastors and employees while maintaining a cheerful, organized and friendly atmosphere for all who enter the office area, meeting the needs of guests, volunteers and congregational members.

All Pastoral Assistants are under the supervision of the Executive Pastor and report directly to the Pastor assigned to them for their primary responsibilities and duties.


  1. Warmly greet every person entering the office with a friendly, courteous and helpful attitude.  Use discernment and attempt to prevent unannounced entries into Pastors’ offices.  Inform the appropriate Pastor when their appointments arrive.
  2. Maintain an appreciative and helpful attitude toward all volunteer staff and provide office assistance as necessary.
  3. Be friendly and helpful to people on the phone with an attitude that says, “What can I do to help you?”
  4. Notify all Pastoral Staff when a congregational member needs special attention, is seriously ill or injured, having surgery or dies.
  5. Know schedules and whereabouts of all personnel and how to contact them in an emergency.
  6. Be aware of church schedule and activity locations and be able to provide directions to each area.  Notify appropriate personnel when needs arise.
  7. Maintain appointment calendar for the Pastors.  Know their schedules and remind them of special and urgent events.
  8. Become familiar with colleagues that the Pastoral Staff deal with on a regular basis.
  9. Make phone calls on behalf of the Pastors.
  10. Make travel arrangements for Pastors.
  11. Contact and schedule pre-marriage counseling appointments when needed.
  12. Provide assistance in typing and clerical duties as needed for their area of ministry.
  13. Personalize thank-you letters and other pre-formatted correspondence when requested by Pastoral Staff members.
  14. Compose letters and reminders on behalf of Pastors.
  15. Maintain a personal file system for each Pastor in a complete, orderly and up-to-date manner.
  16. Maintain a centralized topical resource file system for the Pastoral Staff.
  17. Be willing to assist in personal matters as deemed necessary when needed due to schedule conflicts that might arise on occasion.Order books and other resources as requested by the Pastors.
  18. Assist in benevolence ministry as directed by the Pastors.
  19. Know where all office supplies are stored.
  20. Become familiar with ACS Church Management System.  Should be able to input or update records and obtain needed information upon request by a member of the Pastoral staff.

In addition to specific responsibilities, in general one must:

    • Make sure the main office and workroom areas are kept orderly, stocked with supplies and cleaned at the end of each day.  Do not allow junk and clutter to accumulate.
    • Make sure personal workspace is neat and orderly at the end of every day.
    • Copy and distribute correspondence as necessary.  Maintain correspondence files.
    • Revise, print and collate required mail-outs by Pastoral Staff.


  1. Must have an attitude of genuine caring for the congregation, staff and guests.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude at all times and poise under pressure.
  3. Maintain a servant’s heart regarding the job description.
  4. Maintain a cooperative team spirit with staff, employees, volunteers and congregation.
  5. Demonstrate a willingness to learn new tasks and functions.
  6. Exhibit a “whatever it takes” attitude.
  7. Must maintain an excellent record of good health.  Make every effort to schedule doctor and dentist appointments during personal time.
  8. Have excellent command of English composition and punctuation.
  9. Born-Again relationship with Christ.
  10. Be familiar with FBCC theology, philosophy and history.
  11. High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  12. Basic understanding of Microsoft Office Pro.
  13. Personal dress and appearance appropriate to the business and ministry of the Church.
  14. Regular attendance to church is required.
  15. Commitment to personal loyalty to the Senior Pastor, Pastoral Staff and fellow employees.
  16. Personal discretion concerning information of Church life and ministry shared in the normal flow of staff relations.
  17. Personal integrity and self-motivation in the fulfillment of ministry


Each Pastoral Assistant will be subject to these general requirements, but not limited to any other responsibilities deemed necessary by the Pastoral Staff; along with a personal job description that outlines specific responsibilities required to fulfill the job requirements assigned specifically to the area of ministry for which they represent.

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